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The Justice For Noura Global Campaign Group

The Justice for Noura Campaign group consists of members of the Sudanese Diaspora community and other concerned individuals globally who are collectively working together to demand #justicefornoura. 


What started off as a  small working group of Sudanese Diaspora members centered in the DC Metropolitan area has grown into a global working group with key points of contacts based in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Sudan, Australia, Canada, and Kenya--to name a few;

with the support growing on a daily basis

This working group is aiming its collective efforts towards increasing awareness on a small scale via social media platforms, preparing materials, calls to action, letters for support, petitions to distribute, organizing rallies that support the mission objectives, gaining media coverage across a wide variety of news platforms, and  garnering the attention of the international community and humanitarian/human rights organizations. 

The campaign group led by the Washington, DC team has identified points of contact for each region; if your region does not have a point of contact and you would like to establish one and/or nominate someone, please fill out the Global Points of Contact form

The Justice For Noura Campaign

The Justice for Noura campaign is spearheaded in collaboration with members of the Sudanese Diaspora in solidarity and support of this grass-root effort led by Sudanese men and women in Sudan. The campaign continues to connect diverse members of the diaspora and their global allies who are invested in encouraging and promoting inter-Sudanese dialogue and efforts for a positive change in Sudan. This dialogue is meant to promote human rights for women in Sudan.

Realizing the challenges facing society and policymakers alike; and acknowledging the unique opportunity for international rapprochement, the campaign positions itself as a non-political Sudanese-led nexus connecting theory and impact to understand and tackle the array of societal challenges threatening peace, stability and development in the country.

#JusticeForNoura is a call to humanity to come together and enact positive and sustainable change in Sudan.

Global Mission

Our mission is to reclaim the narrative and implement viable Sudanese-led collaborative efforts for sustainable development in Sudan by leveraging and promoting an open dialogue on societal challenges , to identifying  opportunities for cross-collaborations domestically and internationally, and providing Sudanese-led initiatives with wide ranging resources, connecting them to subject matter experts, and a large array of support. implement viable Sudanese-led collaborative efforts for sustainable development in Sudan.



  1. JusticeForNoura

    • Call on our leaders to use this opportunity and call to humanity to usher in a new dawn for women’s rights in Sudan

  2. Reclaim the narrative

    • Noura’s story is a direct result of the continued indifference of the Sudanese society, government and community toward women’s issues.

    • Despite the host of challenges Sudan faces, we must categorically reject any attempts of leveraging human suffering to serve any political or international agendas.

    • Equip Sudanese people with the necessary tools, resources, subject matter experts and avenues to enact tangible change

  3. Brain Circulation

    • Acknowledge the momentum and need for sustainability; build a larger a Sudanese network to continue the dialogue; and create a factually backed database on resources in Sudan.

    • Increase awareness and promote cultural and social considerations when addressing internal, societal, diplomatic, and policy-based change for Sudan.

    • Connecting global subject matter experts and identifying country Points of Contacts to unify the efforts, reduce duplicate efforts, and to



  1. On June 26, 2018: Noura

  2. Noura’s legal team has filed an appeal and are currently awaiting further movement from the courts to assess next steps in Noura’s legal case

  3. Noura’s story: told in her own words, a first-hand account obtained by CNN.

  4. #JusticeForNoura campaign has opened avenues for more support, initiatives, and  dialogue to occur within Sudan and around the world regarding more societally-taboo topics.

More updates and timelines can be found here


Team Announcements, Press Releases, Statements and Testimonials

Justice For Noura, Washington DC

Press Release : June 26, 2018



Earlier today, a team member from within the  Washington, DC Justice For Noura Working group spoke directly with Noura’s lead attorney confirming the following statement:


"Urgent: The death penalty of Noura Hussien under the article 130 of the criminal code has been abolished, and replaced with a penalty of imprisonment for 5 years from the date of entry into jail on 3/5/2017 and a financial  penalty of 337,500 SDGs"

With this most recent update, the team would like to take the time to extend our gratitude and share the efforts moving forward. We are all thankful for the overwhelming support of this Sudanese-led initiative from the ground, across the Sudanese diaspora, and around the world. We are grateful for the court’s continued efforts and close consideration of the case. We would also like to thank everyone who sent a letter of support to the Please be sure that she received a steady stream of support through your words since May 11, 2018 that lifted her spirits. As we plan the steps forward, we will continue collecting and delivering the letters of support to Noura to reassure her of people’s support and care for her well-being. The journey is ongoing and we will continue working with and supporting local Sudanese efforts and organizations working on these vital issues.


Finally, we, as a Sudanese-American group, continue to call on the Sudanese community and their allies to join the conversation and efforts in this very crucial time for Sudan. We understand and appreciate that the road ahead has many uncertainties; our main priority remains ensuring Noura has the legal, medical, financial, and most importantly emotional support she needs during this time. We ask--as requested by Noura--that no one circulate an alleged photos of her out of respect for her safety and privacy. Comprehensive funding needs are being evaluated and calculated by the team in correspondence with Noura’s legal team and a complete of fund allocation and breakdown will be shared by the team within the coming days.


Thank you for your continued support and standing in solidarity #JusticeForNoura

June 26, 2018 Press Release

Justice For Noura, Washington DC

Official Statement: May 24, 2018




Noura’s defense team filed an official appeal in Court to overturn Noura’s death sentence.

May 24, 2018- JusticeForNoura, Washington DC Working group—the group which has been directly liaising with Noura’s lead defense team, has confirmed that with the lead attorney on the case that the legal defense team has timely filed an official appeal with the Court on Noura’s case.


“We’re grateful to the international support and interest in this case and ask everyone to be mindful of the many cultural and legal intricacies it involves. In the meantime, we continue to send Noura strength, love, and support.” Said Dimiah Mahmoud and Wafa May Elamin, of the JusticeForNoura DC Metropolitan Area, in a joint statement.


According to Noura’s lead attorney, the appeal notice is expected to be turned over to the Court of Appeals by Sunday, May 27, 2018. JusticeForNoura can’t verify any public reports regarding the content of the appeal. Noura’s defense team is expected to issue a statement granting the #JusticeForNoura Washington DC group and its members the authority to formally share updates on their behalf.


Thank you for your patience, support, and—most importantly— willingness to stand in solidarity, raise awareness, and educate the masses of Noura’s case.

May 24, 2018 Statment

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