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Updates Snapshot:

  • June 26, 2018: Noura's death sentence was abolished and replaced by 5 year imprisonment

  • May 27, 2018: Noura' Hussein's legal defense team has filed an appeal to reduce the death penalty

  • May 10, 2018: Noura Hussein found guilty for premeditated murder int the first degree---a crime punishable by execution in Sudan. 


Noura Hussein is a 19 year old Sudanese girl currently facing the death sentence in Sudan for killing her rapist in self defense.


Noura's case sheds light on child marriage, gender inequalities, marital rape, and the laws in place that do not protect those facing similar circumstances.  Noura's case is not an isolated incident in Sudan--the unique thing is that she defended herself. 

Current legal update: An Appeal has been submitted by Noura's legal defense team to reduce her sentencing--there are three possible outcomes. The courts have not yet made a decision. 





It all started with a hashtag #justicefornoura

The global response and support for Noura has been insurmountable--With over 1.3 million signatures on the petition; Sudanese led initiatives; news coverage highlighting Noura's case and raising awareness;  globally organized rallies; and garnering the attention of international dignitaries and humanitarian/human rights organizations--all in hopes to enact positive and sustainable change that is Sudanese-led and supported by the global community.  

Thank you for your continued support.



Advocate for the reclamation of the narrative.


Sign and share the petitions.


Contribute your expertise by writing an op-ed, researching, using artistic expression, and leveraging your networks. Send your piece to us for circulation !

Connect us to people globally you think can positively contribute to our mission on the Justice For Noura Global Points of Contact Form.

Send in letters of support to Noura.

Continue to share #justicefornoura and #justicefornouravideos for why you felt compelled to stand in solidarity

Follow the official social media accounts to keep up with what’s happening with Nouras case


The Justice For Noura Global Campaign Group

The Justice for Noura Campaign group consists of members of the Sudanese Diaspora community and other concerned individuals globally who are collectively working together to demand #justicefornoura. 


What started off as a  small working group of Sudanese Diaspora members centered in the DC Metropolitan area has grown into a global working group with key points of contacts based in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Sudan, Australia, Canada, and Kenya--to name a few;

with the support growing on a daily basis

This working group is aiming its collective efforts towards increasing awareness on a small scale via social media platforms, preparing materials, calls to action, letters for support, petitions to distribute, organizing rallies that support the mission objectives, gaining media coverage across a wide variety of news platforms, and  garnering the attention of the international community and humanitarian/human rights organizations. 


The Justice For Noura Campaign

The Justice for Noura campaign is spearheaded in collaboration with members of the Sudanese Diaspora in solidarity and support of this grass-root effort led by Sudanese men and women in Sudan. The campaign continues to connect diverse members of the diaspora and their global allies who are invested in encouraging and promoting inter-Sudanese dialogue and efforts for a positive change in Sudan. This dialogue is meant to promote human rights for women in Sudan.

Realizing the challenges facing society and policymakers alike; and acknowledging the unique opportunity for international rapprochement, the campaign positions itself as a non-political Sudanese-led nexus connecting theory and impact to understand and tackle the array of societal challenges threatening peace, stability and development in the country.


Global Mission

Our mission is to reclaim the narrative and implement viable Sudanese-led collaborative efforts for sustainable development in Sudan by leveraging and promoting an open dialogue on societal challenges , to identifying  opportunities for cross-collaborations domestically and internationally, and providing Sudanese-led initiatives with wide ranging resources, connecting them to subject matter experts, and a large array of support. implement viable Sudanese-led collaborative efforts for sustainable development in Sudan.


A Snapshot of Key Objectives:

  1. JusticeForNoura:  Call on our leaders to use this opportunity and call to humanity to usher in a new dawn for women’s rights in Sudan

  2. Reclaim the narrative: Support Sudanese-led change, categorically reject attempts of leveraging human suffering to serve political/international agendas, and equip Sudanese people with tools and resources​

  3. Brain Circulation: acknowledging the momentum, creating factually backed database on resources in Sudan, connecting global experts to the campaign ...




#JusticeForNoura is a call to humanity to come together and enact positive and sustainable change in Sudan.


More about the team, the campaign, mission, and objectives


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